Indicator: Oceanographic conditions in the Barents Sea

Turbulence measurements from the ship with a free falling instrument. Photo: Angelica Renner, Norwegian Polar Institute

Oceanographic conditions
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Rationale: Oceanographic conditions play a key role in the functioning of the Barents Sea ecosystem. The temperature in the Barents Sea is dependent on the advection of heat through the southwestern opening and defines the distribution of various important species as well as the extent of the seasonal sea-ice cover. Hence, monitoring oceanographic properties is important for the management of the ecosystem of the Sea

Theme: Abiotic

Component: Oceanographic conditions

Type of indicator: E, state of the ecosystem

Priority of indicator: e, essential

• Water temperatures (IMR, PINRO, NIVA, NERSC, ECMWF)
• Salinity (IMR, PINRO, ECMWF)
• Nutrients (IMR, PINRO)
• Oxygen (PINRO)

Responsible institution:

Temperature anomaly at 100 meter depth in the Barents Sea in Feb-Apr 2008 relative to 1970-2008 average. Source: Institute of Marine Research