Notice. Good environmental cooperation between Russia and Norway is important for taking care of the environment and managing the resources in the north. Due to Russia's war of attacks on Ukraine, government cooperation between the Norway and Russia has been reduced to a minimum and bilateral environmental cooperation has been put on hold until further notice. Hence, update of the Barentsportal concerning the environmental status for the Barents Sea has been put on hold.

Joint Norwegian-Russian environmental status 2013. Report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem. Part II – Complete Report

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This is the full PDF version of the Joint Norwegian-Russian environmental status 2013 report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem - and the latest available full update published on this website. The report was initiated by the Joint Russian-Norwegian Commission on Environmental Cooperation and the work has been carried out in co-operation with the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission. 

This report contributes to the scientific basis for further development of a coordinated ecosystem-based approach to the management of human activities affecting living resources in both Norwegian and Russian Territories of the Barents Region. Norway has already developed and implemented an "Integrated management plan for the Barents Sea–Lofoten area"; Russia is working to develop a similar plan.

This report builds upon earlier reports on the status of the Barents Sea ecosystem developed jointly by the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO in Russia) and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR in Norway). This effort has been led by PINRO and SEVMORGEO (SMG) on the Russian side and by the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Institute of Marine Research on the Norwegian side. The expert groups began their work in March 2014; therefore, the report builds on data collected in 2013 and earlier.

Find the report here:

McBride, M.M., Hansen, J.R., Korneev, O., Titov, O. (Eds.) Stiansen, J.E., Tchernova, J., Filin, A., Ovsyannikov A. (Co-eds.) 2016. Joint Norwegian - Russian environmental status 2013. Report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem. Part II - Complete report. IMR/PINRO Joint Report Series, 2016 (2), 359pp. ISSN 1502-8828.