Heavy metals in muscle. Arsenic (As)

Pollution: Contaminants in seabirds
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Arsenic is a highly poisonous metalloid with many allotropic forms, including a yellow (molecular non-metallic) and several black and grey forms (metalloids).

The levels of Arsenic found in the samples from south western part of Novaya Zemlya (Guba Chernaya) were 10-50 times higher than in other parts of the Barents Sea area. This area was used as test area for nuclear explosions in the 1960. The levels of arsenic in published papers show background levels for all sites in the Barents Sea areas, except for the southwestern parts of Novaja Zemlja (Guba Chernaya).

Table: Levels Arsenic (As) in seabird muscles 

  Levels of Arsenic (As) in Black guillemot. Levels in Black guillemot Levels of Arsenic (As) in Brünnichs guillemot. Levels in Brünnichs guillemot Levels of Arsenic (As) in Common eider Levels in Common eider
  Levels of Arsenic (As) in Common guillemot Levels in Common guillemot Levels of Arsenic (As) in Northern fulmar Levels in Northern fulmar Levels of Arsenic (As) in Common eider Levels in Glaucous gull
  Levels of Arsenic (As) in Herring gull Levels in Herring gull Levels of Arsenic (As) in King eider Levels in King eider Levels of Arsenic (As) in Black-legged kittiwake Levels in Black-legged kittiwake
  Levels of Arsenic (As) in Little auk Levels in Little auk  Levels of Arsenic (As) in Atlantic puffin Levels in Atlantic puffin